Living in the Moment!! THE Present !!

Living the Moment!!

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

– Anne Frank


All of us thrive to stay happy and lead peaceful lives. Across the Internet, we can find a vast amount of knowledge repository on various means to stay happy and lead a healthy and happy life.

However, we miss out to look out for those tiny and simple happy moments around us each day and constantly seek for something big to make you happy. It takes a second of your life to actually realize the beauty capsuling your life and admire it to be happy, but not many people around us pause enough to notice the world around. We miss out on a lot of beautiful and pure source of happiness around us such as smile of a kid, a dog’s excitement for his master, a mother’s rush to see her kids, a smile on a beautiful bride and above all the beautiful smile of you when looking at the mirror. All of them display the pure level of joy and a moment of happiness that can make our day much brighter.

But then we all are too busy noticing all this and are too occupied describing the ‘Mantra’ for Happiness, aren’t we? The magic pill we all wish for is right there in front of us but we seek it elsewhere

In today’s competitive world, we compete with bots and keep trying to outperform mundane activities on regular basis. We’re so used to this mechanical life that a little alteration can throw us in tantrums. We’ve lost connection with ourselves in the rush to get ‘connected’ with the material work all the time.

When was the last time you stopped and noticed that grown up tree on your street? lovely smile of your neighbour? kids playing around on the streets? The Sunrise, The Stars, Smell of a refreshing rain?
When was the last time you appreciated food prepared by your mother or your wife? When was the last time you appreciated yourself for achieving whatever you already have and you said thank you or sorry to someone from bottom of your heart?

However, to experience all of the above we need to live the moment. “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift. That is why it is called The Present”

I feel we’ve occupied and burdened ourselves either brooding over the past or worrying over the future. It is irresistible to mention the lines from my favourite and admirable speaker Jon Kabat Zin “By the time we are in shower every morning some of us have already finished the meetings at work in the afternoon.” Having said all this my question again would be, when was the last time you enjoyed that shower?  Felt the streams of warm water flowing over your body. The temperature of water, smell of your soap’s fragrance, that little pimple on your chin, the change in temperature just after you are out of bathroom and so on (Might be a great exercise for mindfulness practice). All these account to minute collage of happiness that can make feel positive inside and make you ‘live the moment’.

There are so many people talking about meditation and its benefits however for me this is what I call my meditation. Just being where ever you are. Being aware of what you are doing in the present. Living the present totally rather than planning future or thinking about past.

Ultimately, this is the happiness I look for in my day, the soothing moments, the feeling of relaxation, the calmness, the laughter, the music, the smell, the warm hug, the real smile, the touch, the appreciations I receive and the help I offer.

I FEEL!! In this world of multitasking where multitasking is unavoidable,  we have forgotten to live the life, live in the moment, live in the present, be present , be here and being aware.
While I am writing all this, I still thrive to live upto all the things I meant but however, and I do spend lot of time multitasking. But, I try consciously and purposely to be in the present, to be aware of and feel the things around and do my bit towards living peaceful life and feel the happiness from little events of my life.

It is up to us and upon us to make ourselves happy !!

Stay Kkonnected !!



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